Marc Bauer

Detail I, 2017
Color pencil and pencil on paper
210 x 160 cm (82 5/8 x 63 in.), framed

The work "Detail I" shows fragments of paintings that the artist saw in the National Gallery and in the National Portrait Gallery in London on occasion of his Landis & Gyr art residency in London in 2017. For Bauer this is a way to revisit art history and create new associations and narratives from existing paintings. The colours on the side of the drawing are the ones the artist saw and liked in the original paintings. The depicted details are from the following paintings: Jan Gossaert, "Adam and Eve", appr. 1520 Jan van Eyck, "Portrait of a Man(Self Portrait)", 1433 Willem Kalf, "Still Life with Drinking Horn", about 1553 Marc Bauer, "Still Life, my bed, Smithy Street", 2017