Marc Bauer

Untitled (Aquarius), 2018
Installation consisting of 1 wall drawing, 11 drawings (pencil on paper, 30 x 42 cm each)
Dimensions variable

The drawing installation is an attempt to understand the relationship between images and to see what impact they have on the perception of reality. How do images condition our way of thinking and define our identities? The departure point for the installation is a photograph published in the French newspaper Le Parisien in June 2018 depicting the boat Aquarius rescuing migrants in the Mediterranean Sea. Bauer split this image in four parts and reproduced it in four sheets of paper that form the centrepiece of the installation. At artissima 2018 in Turin, Italy, when the work was first presented, this central image was executed as a wall drawing (image above). On the right and left sides of the mural are drawings that build sort of indexes of found images of groups of people (right) and of images of different types of protective gear such as astronauts, surgeons, chemical and Ebola protection (left). The indexes are emotional and subjective associations by the artist and do not focus on the specificity of the Aquarius event of the Summer of 2018. Bauer locates and points out to similar motifs in history and art history.