El Barrio (The Neighborhood), 2007

Exhibition view:
"Los Carpinteros", Faena Art Center, Buenos Aires, Argentina, May 2012
Photo: David X Prutting / BFAnyc.

"The monumental installation 'El Barrio' is a post-apocalyptic, cynical and grotesque version of an (any) city district, composed of a gigantic pile of identical (cardboard-made miniature) prefabricated houses, the most standarized units of human (mainly family-like) habitation. Here, in this catastrophic and depressive scenario ofr a dwelling environment of precarious life, the critique of a mass production, consumer culture and uniformized living condition is performed, and in addition the transiet nature of the urban experience in today's global age is portrayed."
"Handwork-Constructing the World", Walter König, Köln, p. 38

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