Arts, Crafts and Facts (CEO's pay, S&P 500, Corporate profits, Production worker's pay, Federal minimum wage), 2015
Embroidery on cotton
85 x 110 cm (33 1/2 x 43 1/4 in.)

First shown at "All World's Futures", Venice Biennale, 2015

We are living in a society that pretends to be global by inflicting its own symbols on all other societies, since when we talk about ‘our society’ we talk about the Occidental society of Western Europe and the United States. Globalization is a result of giving up before the stronger force. We are giving up our savoir faire, tradition, values and moral standards, not even in exchange to richness and prosperity, as we are being told, but in exchange to simple survival, if survival it will be.
Human labour is of no value anymore, but wasn’t it that same labour that has allowed man and women to evolve, stand up for themselves, to provide for their families being the essence of their contentment and pride? Phrases like: “with his own two hands” or “with my own ten fingers” - that where a symbol of those times hardly exist in their proper sense anymore. Have we all been crippled by globalisation, not only metaphorically but also literally?

The graphics embroidried in the used cotton fabric are from researches on the movement of Imcome of the top 1%, Productivity and Average wages between 2008 and 2015.

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