Monica Bonvicini

I cannot hide my anger, 2019
Text by Julian Bryan-Wilson, Axel Köhne, Stella Rollig, Mark Wigley

Belvedere 21, Vienna

Publisher: Walther König, Köln.

Hardcover, 23.5 x 30 cm, 190 pages, English


With I CANNOT HIDE MY ANGER the artist Monica Bonvicini makes direct reference to the architecture and history of Belvedere 21 in Vienna. She transforms the central hall of the former World's Fair pavillion with a radical intervention which reflects on controversial social questions. Monica Bonvicini has been grappling with the psychology of space as well as with institutional critique in her site-specific installations since the beginning of the 90s. Through this she radically lays bare the common narratives of art history and questions outdated social concepts about masculinity and power, intimacy and domesticity, global warming and geopolitical borders, offering a critical perspective on today's Western society. The publication presents ruthless political works created by the artist since 2017.