German artist Bernd Ribbeck is influenced by artists operating at the fringes of art history or whose works are orientated towards spiritual ideas, such as Swedish painter and spiritualist Hilma Af Klint or Swiss artist Emma Kunz. In his artistic practice, Bernd Ribbeck works process-oriented, often adding various layers or scrapping the surface pigments to achieve the desired effect.

Through this practice Ribbeck blurs the otherwise strong geometric forms and lets bright colors shine through upper dark layers. The process itself is the determining element of the painting, rather than any dictating form or figure. In the “Untitled”-Series from 2012, the geometric shape of the circle is predominant. Ribbeck is interested in the circle because of its simplicity, and that it can also be understood as a symbol or a form filled with content. This simultaneity between concrete form and icon interests the artist. The concentration on one motif and its repeated examination in painting is one way for Ribbeck to stay process-oriented in his work. Each completed painting acts as an answer, while simultaneously raising new questions, calling for more investigations. The promise of cognition and a utopian moment resonate in the paintings. 
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