From the early start of her career the focus of her artistic repertoire is the repeated discourse of space, the person in relation to space and the relation between space and light: drawings grow out of the plain and merge with sculptures and video projections into three-dimensional installations. 

In the past years, this repertoire has been increasingly extended by the monotype as a medium, through whose technique the colour surface in its intensity and combination possibility becomes the new protagonist. 
Leutenegger's first series of monotypes was shown in her solo exhibition entitled "Tintarella di luna" at Bündner Kunstmuseum Chur, in 2016. Especially conceived for the opening of the museum‘s new extension, Leutenegger created a poetic group of large-sized dark-colored interiors. In 2019, for her show at L'Abbatiale in Bellelay, a historic building from the 18th century in the picturesque village, she showed large scale monotypes on mirrored surfaces.
In recent years, Leutenegger has experimented with further techniques as for example the sgraffito technique in her installation at the Biennale Bregaglia, or recent art-in-architecture projects. Sgraffito is an old Italian scratching technique. This craft, which dates back to the Renaissance, is typical of the appearance of many houses in Engadin.
For Zilla Leutenegger, drawing provides a way of creating an immediate gesture. Accordingly, her works on paper or video installations appear light-hearted and unpretentious. Only when examined closely one starts to sense the technical construction necessary for each piece. After an initial film shoot in the green box the artist cuts the scenes of her videos before reworking them digitally in her studio. Then she projects the mutated video onto a wall drawing or complements it with an object piece to create a three-dimensional installation.
Zilla Leutenegger is foremost known for her signature drawing style, made up of clear, bold strokes and strong color accents. Dried trickles of acrylic paint tell the story of the drawing’s creation and are often incorporated into the picture. The artist habitually works simultaneously in her various mediums. Therefore, the works on paper and video installation can often be read as single scenes or chapters of a larger whole. The combining element between the various works is often a person, an object, a chair or a library.  The artist celebrates single moments of every-day life, which develop an unexpected poetry when seen separately. Immediacy and spontaneity become apparent in every drawn line and projected plane with which the artist dissects a fictional life.
Zilla Leutenegger's works have been exhibited internationally since 1996. On May 1, 2021 the Bündner Kunstmuseum Chur will inaugurate an extensive solo exhibition of the artist's work. In this context, the publication of a comprehensive monographic exhibition catalogue is planned. Solo exhibitions of the past years have taken place in the following institutions, (selection): L'Abbatiale, Bellelay (2019); Griffelkunst, Hamburg (2018); Musée Jenisch, Vevey (2016); Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich (2015); Centro de Arte Caja Burgos CAB, Burgos (2014); Museum Franz Gertsch, Burgdorf (2014). Among the most important group exhibitions should be mentioned "Fly me to the Moon", Kunsthaus Zürich and Museum der Moderne, Salzburg (2019); "The World on Paper", Palais Populaire of Deutsche Bank, Berlin (2018); "Interval in Space", Osage Art Foundation, Hong Kong (2017) and Sydney Biennial (2014).
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